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10 Unique Corporate Gift Giving Ideas in 2019

November 07, 2019

10 Unique Corporate Gift Giving Ideas in 2019

It's that time of the year again when businesses start considering how to cap off the year the right way with their clients. If you're one of these businesses that fancies being in their client’s good books, then here are some unique corporate gift ideas that might be just the thing to set you apart from the rest this gift-giving season. 

1. Mobile Massages

You're at the office resisting that second cup of coffee before midday, and you’re starting to feel a little tense... But wait, what’s this?! Somebody sent a masseuse your way?!

office massage

Imagine you were in this position. How much (professional) love would you have for the company that’s done this good deed? Mobile massages are a great way to get your clients the R&R they need without them needing to take the time out of their day to do so.

Our tip? Aim for a Friday afternoon when people are starting to wind down or hit up the office manager to find out when would be the best time that won't interrupt everyone at work. After all, the last thing you want to do is send a gift that wreaks havoc on your clients' business and their worker's productivity!


2. An experience

If you’re working for a lone business owner or a small business, there are a lot more options of what you could do without necessarily breaking the bank. It’s helpful to know what your client likes and dislikes as this can guide what experience they would love. Whether it’s sending them vouchers to a spa, a cruise or even a theme park if they have kids - an experience is a great gift because it stays with them for a lifetime. 


3. Locally Sourced Goods

Easy to put together, all the while supporting your community - we’re not sure there’s many gifts that are better than this. This is one of those gift ideas that always seem to end up on our list - but really, we’re all about supporting local. Another great thing about this is that it shows that you’ve put thought into creating a little hamper for them.

4. Membership/Classes

Do you know anything about your client - what they like or dislike? If you know they’re trying to get fit in 2020, that they’re trying to learn to be more mindful or even if they want to learn a new skill - you can buy them memberships to yoga, pottery or even boxing classes. The possibilities are endless, and there's nothing more personal than knowing that somebody's been listening and paying attention, then having it all result in a useful gift. 


5. Catered Lunch

Treat your client and their staff to a nice lunch, brought straight to their office. Delicious food delivered? Sounds familiar… 

6. Coffee/Tea Sampler Pack

Does your client like coffee? Perhaps they prefer tea? Whether they are big enthusiasts or they just drink it to keep them awake - a sampler pack is something we LOVE. It opens your eyes up to the different varieties out there that you weren’t aware of before. If you weren't an enthusiast before, this might just change your mind!

7. Bakery Delivery

Okay, there’s really nothing we quite like more than the smell of fresh bread and pastries in the morning… And if your client’s anything like the rest of the population, this will be such a treat for the office. Much more exciting than stale biscuits in the break room! And great bites delivered? This is something that we could always get behind. 


8. Useful items for the office/breakroom/bathroom

Too general? Think about what you might need for different rooms, very likely your client needs these too. Handcreams, candles, diffusers, delicious smelling soaps? While the other gifts are a nice touch, these ‘useful’ gifts can actually last for ages, all the while adding to a better working environment... Also, it’s less likely to sit around gathering dust. Big win in our books! This is especially an ideal gift for those who don't too much about their client.


9. Snack Box

... And of course, no list is complete without a snack box. Perfect for tackling a serious case of 3:30itis… And even better as it lasts more than one day (if your client and their staff can control themselves). Head over to our Shop Page to shop for a snack box. If you want to see what snacks we offer, check us out on Instagram.

tukr box


10. Other special dates...

Lastly, think outside the holidays. When we think about gifts for our clients, we think about gifting for periods that are important to their business rather than the typical gift-giving season where an influx of presents and hampers are expected.

Think ‘business birthdays’, possibly a gift during one of their stressful periods, maybe even random appreciation gifts. Sending a gift during the peak gift-giving period is a little obvious, so you're likely going to blend in with everyone else. Send it outside of the season? You've got yourself a winner. 


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