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7 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients & Customers Will Love

March 28, 2019

7 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients & Customers Will Love

Corporate gifts can be a hit or miss. You don’t want to get something that’s too personal that the receiver will cringe at, but you also don’t want to get something so general and useless that it sits in the back corner of a storage closet collecting dust.
If you’re stumped for ideas on what gifts you should be giving your clients, coworkers or customers - we’ve got a list for you.
  1. Personalise the gift: Try not to fall back on buying in bulk then giving everyone the same gift - because one size doesn’t fit all. Don’t gift everyone wine if you know that there are certain clients of yours that don’t drink. Try to centre it around your clients, coworkers or customers interests and hobbies.
  1. Don’t overdo it: If your client spends $100 a year on your services, don’t buy them a $300 coffee machine. Keep gifts in proportion to how much your client or customer has spent with you - this will prevent anyone from feeling uncomfortable.
  1. Think outside the holidays: Don’t limit gift giving to the holiday season where your present will sit sadly in their cellophane alongside all the other dozens of hampers that were gifted to them. In not doing what everyone else is doing, you’ll probably even end up standing out in their mind. How to do it? Look at other occasions where they should be celebrated, not just at the most obvious ones.
Something funny
We don’t think we really need to say this… But just in case. Don’t be too over the top or too crass - you still want to maintain a professional working relationship without having to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable every time you end up in the same room together.
Taking into account what we just said - giving a gift that lightens the mood and reminds your client and their workers not to take themselves too seriously can be a welcome gift. On top of this, it’s also a great way to build client relationships. Humour can also buffer stress, help to build trust and improve creativity.
Gifts such as light-hearted affirmation books, ‘self-help’ and ‘voodoo’ notepads can be a great addition to the coffee table or office desk.
Give them a healthy snack...
A gift that makes employees happier, more productive and motivated? There aren’t many clients that wouldn’t be happier than with a gift like that.
You can deliver them a snack box filled with healthy, premium goodies that can’t be bought in most stores - and it won't cost you an arm and leg either.
Besides the delicious experience of enjoying these premium snacks, you’re also giving your clients a gift of not having to deal with dull-eyed employees who need that sugar hit or salt cravings satisfied.
A corporate gift from tukr can be responsible for giving your client and their workers that type of happiness, and I’m sure everyone will love you for it.
Handwritten note...
A cheap cop out? We beg to differ.
While you may think that this is the ‘easy way out’, it is actually one of the harder ones given that it’s more time consuming, requires a lot more thought, and is also a lot more personal.
note bouquet
As it has the potential to seem ‘cheap’ it is important to do it right. From here, it’s up to you whether you want to add a gift as well. It’s a lot easier to include a gift card - and that too can be personalised to the receiver.
If they’re a traveller, you may want to go with an uber or travel gift card. If they love fine-dining, you may want to opt for a restaurant group gift card. If they’re a keen reader, you may want to gift them with a kindle gift card.
Offer a premium learning experience...
While you may have customers or clients who seem to know everything, if you’re able to think back to their interests and hobbies and offer them an experience that they might not have already had, you can leave a lasting impression.
woman art painting
This may be anything from pottery or painting lessons for art lovers, a cooking or baking class for the food lover, or even an improv class.
Gift local...

Locally sourced produce and goods have a certain charm to them that is hard to not love.
From hand made mugs for your client's office, to locally sourced honey or jam, local artwork or even local tea & coffee - these are sure to not go to waste.
honey jar
This gift will especially strike the right note with those clients and businesses that are operating as a smaller or more local scale, or they are businesses that used to be like that before they made it big.
Bakery delivery...
What’s that? The waft of freshly baked pastries wafting through the office? Your clients can thank you for that.
Not only is it a nice surprise, but similarly to the snack sentiment - the client can enjoy watching their employees work harder and more happily with a donut or muffin in hand.
Terrarium or succulent garden...
There’s nothing like low-maintenance greenery in an office. Multiple studies have found that the presence of nature indoors can help to improve mood levels, make us more sociable and alert, as well as help to soothe mental illness.
Something as simple as an indoor plant can help to lower blood pressure and increase job satisfaction.
At the end of the day, whatever you end up getting for your client, customers or coworkers - they’ll probably be grateful. However, by buying the right gift - its likely to have a more beneficial impact on your relationship with them.

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