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A Health Trend Not Just for 2020

November 21, 2019

A Health Trend Not Just for 2020

Okay, it’s time to get real. We’re heading into the last month of the year already (craziness!) and with the new year around the corner, this is when we start to get a little reflective, as well as a little ambitious about what we want to achieve in 2020.

One of the biggest things we try to stay away from are crazy health trends - not just because they can get quite expensive, but like any trend, usually they are short term and by the end of it you find out that what you’ve been doing isn’t actually that good for you.


So, you’re rounding off the year thinking about all those times you grabbed a bag of chips and chocolate bar from the supermarket just because you could (not because you actually wanted it)... All those times you told yourself you’d go to the gym, but didn’t… The list goes on.


Now, you’re probably thinking that 2020 is the year you’re going to make a turnaround. But let’s press pause for a moment.

We’re not the biggest fans of throwing ourselves full-force into something, because chances are you’ll do really well… Until you don’t. When you force a habit, it becomes too easy to lose momentum even when you'd only forgotten to do something once.

For us, health are small choices that eventually turn into a lifestyle. Incorporating small changes into our lives and having a healthier mindset towards food & exercise - more importantly, not making your health something you hate doing.

When you try to cut something 100% out of your life, it’s going to be so hard to stick to, because it’s such a drastic change to your lifestyle. Then you falter once and then it becomes a slippery slope back to where you started.

To us, it’s about choosing the stairs over the lift. Choosing water over soft drinks. To put down that fifth Tim Tam or to say no to sugar in our coffee. It's even making the choice to turn off our phones or get off social media for a bit!

woman walking up stairs office

And no, we're not saying that soft drinks, chips and Tim Tams need to go. It's simply just being more conscious about whether you really want it at the time... Or are you just thirsty or even bored?

funny food meme

For us, it’s about making those everyday choices that are part of our lifestyles that are easy to make.

Often one of the biggest things that deter us from starting to improve our health is because we feel overwhelmed by all the available advice, research, trends and fads. However, if you’re just focusing first on one small (seemingly inconsequential) unhealthy habit, and turning it into a healthy positive one - eventually, you’ll find that you’d rather those choices, and this ends up becoming part of your lifestyle.

So in 2020 - if health is one of your goals... Rather than turning your lifestyle on its head and cutting things completely out of your life, we encourage you to start making healthier choices every day. It’ll become so seamless that you won’t even realise what’s changed until you look back.

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