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Healthier Snack Alternatives - Isolation Snacking

April 09, 2020

Healthier Snack Alternatives - Isolation Snacking

We’ve been a couple of good eggs who’ve been practising social distancing for around a month now. And with great isolation, comes huge snacking responsibilities. 

We’re lucky because we have easy access to our snack boxes, but for those who’ve been filling their trollies with bags full of air (plus a handful of chips) or blocks of chocolate - you’re probably going to be feeling a little bogged down in a second.

It’s so easy to skip past the nuts and fruits, because sometimes they do look quite expensive.

However, you need to weigh up the value this has to your health. And more often than not, a handful of nuts will satiate your cravings for savoury food (as well as keep you fuller) than even a full bag of chips.

So we couldn’t encourage you enough to fill up on these nutrient dense seeds of health benefits rather than bags of chips that are (although very delicious) 1. Not that great for you, 2. Not filling, and 3. That you’re going to mindlessly eat way too quickly.

To put things into perspective, one bag of almonds from Coles ($9 bucks for 400g) will last us around 3-4 weeks. For the chip snacking equivalent, we would need around 4 bags, which at around $3 each costs around $12.

We can’t stress this enough, but during the self isolation period, it’s so important to pump your body full of nutrients, to get enough sunlight, to exercise, and to stay healthy.

You don’t want to isolate to stay healthy, and then not be healthy, right? By doing this, not only will it help you keep off that unnecessary weight gain, but you’ll also likely be doing a great service to your body.


Here’s what we’ve been snacking on this past month:



Almonds are full of healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and Vitamin E. These delicious morsels keep your blood sugar level down, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol.


They also help to fight off those hunger pangs and promote weight loss. These are amazing alternatives for chips, and you can oven roast them with some spices if you think they’re too bland.



We frequently find ourselves reaching for our Chibb’s Chickpeas in our tukr boxes. They’re lightly puffed and contains over 84 minerals and trace elements to replace vital electrolytes in the body. High in vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre - these improve digestion, aid weight management and reduce the risk of several diseases. 

chibb's chickpeas



Popcorn is a whole grain snack and has a huge variety of nutrients such as Vitamin B, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and much more. Its health benefits range from reducing inflammation all the way to decreasing your risk of heart disease. It also contains antioxidants, helping to protect cells from damage by free radicals. 

While popcorn is healthy for the most part, you should always pay attention to other ingredients in the pre-popped variety, as it may contain higher levels of sodium and sugars.

In our tukr boxes, we stock Serious Food Co & Cob’s popcorn at prices cheaper than retail!

serious popcorn sea salt serious popcorn coconut and vanilla


Veggie Sticks

Throwing it back to our childhood, but we still enjoy snacking on carrot and celery sticks. It helps to get your fill of veggies, providing your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to function at its optimum.

veggie sticks

It also helps you stay away from the bad snacks, and keeps you fuller for longer. We like to eat ours with a side of cheese or dip it into peanut butter or hummus when we're feeling a little fancier.



We’ve found ourselves reaching for oranges & fruit slices for something a little more refreshing during this distancing period. It’s always better to eat whole fruits rather than juicing them, as you get the added benefits of the fibre too. 

orange slices

Oranges, in particular, are high in Vitamin C. As your body doesn’t naturally produce it, it’s extra important to get this immune booster into your system. And this is as easy as an orange a day. 

Most of these snacks can be found in a tukr snack box. We’re offering a 10% off 'SURVIVALKIT' code during this period to ensure that people can snack more healthily during the period where your body needs it most.

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