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Keto Diet: Is it good or bad?

The hype around the ketogenic diet is so real that we seriously doubt that there’s anyone left in this universe who hasn’t heard of it at least once.

Another thing that always accompanies this is the comment of how much weight they’ve lost, as well as how much energy they have.

So is it all bouncing energiser bunnies and weight dropping off by the buckets?

fat belly weight

Although there are undeniable benefits that can be seen in the short term, whether or not this is good for your health in the long term is a different question altogether.

The keto diet has been found to be a super-effective way of reducing excess body fat, however, there are several cons that should be noted by anyone looking to start this diet. 

It carries risks which have been linked to heart disease. Alongside this is a deficiency in nutrients, as well as constipation since the keto diet is so low in fibre.

For those who have existing liver or kidney problems, the keto diet can possibly worsen these conditions due to the stress that it puts on these organs in particular.


So what do people find when they start initially?

Keto flu.

The first few days are an extremely difficult transition as your body tries to acclimate to such low levels of carbohydrates. During this adjustment period where your body learns to burn fat instead of glucose, you’ll start feeling side effects that make you feel awful.

Difficulty adjusting in social situations.

There’s a lot of carbs out there that you would’ve noticed before. 

Meal prep for days!

Because of all your specific requirements, it means that most times it’ll be a lot easier to prepare meals and take them with you since you’re confined to eating certain foods. 

salmon meal prep  

What are the pros?

Lose excess body fat

One of the main reasons people go on this diet is for rapid weight loss. When you strip away your body’s main source of energy (carbohydrates), it forces your body to look for another source. This means your body will adapt by using fat as its source of fuel.

Additionally, when you’re eating a high-fat diet, it reduces your cravings - helping you keep on track with your recommended calorie intake. 

It may prevent cancer

Some studies have shown that there may be some link between lower carbohydrates and cancer prevention. However, this is still being studied. 

Benefits a sedentary lifestyle

Long hours sitting at a desk staring at a screen. Sound familiar?

The keto diet benefits this type of lifestyle. As you're constantly sitting, you don't need as many carbs, because you just don’t need the muscle glycogen (the storage form for carbohydrates and primary fuel your muscles use for energy production). 

Resets insulin sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity occurs when your body has a tough time metabolising glucose and making use of the sugars from carbohydrates. It also reduces the storage of glucose in muscle cells, negatively affecting performance and results.

By taking on a low-carb diet for a period, it can boost your body’s sensitivity to insulin.


What are the cons?

Lower carbs isn’t necessarily a good thing

Carbs fuel performance - so athletes naturally need a lot more sugars in their diets to perform better. A study conducted by researchers at Copenhagen University found that the ketogenic diet leads to lower endurance levels and lower power output. 

Negative impact on your heart health

As mentioned before, the nature of the eating plan that comes with this type of diet means that you’re consuming more fats and meats. This can increase cholesterol, which is linked to a higher risk of heart disease. 

Affects your ability to focus

Your brain derives energy from blood glucose. Carbs are needed for glucose to enter the bloodstream. When you starve your brain of sugars (i.e. its energy source), you can expect to lose the ability to focus and perform. 


So should you go on the Keto Diet?

Well, there’s a lot of studies pointing to this being a good type of diet for people with certain lifestyles. However, if you do decide to go on it - remember that Ketosis isn’t forever. You should aim to give your body a chance to rest by giving yourself a ‘keto holiday’ every once in a while. If not, you may end up feeling more negative effects like fatigue, nausea and muscle aches than positive ones.

If you're looking to ease your way into a keto-friendly diet, our tukr snack boxes can be customised to contain a great selection of keto-friendly snacks! Simply add it into your dietary requirements as you check out!


Our favourite keto snacks in our selection?

Our premium roasted 'Rich Uncle' nut mix. A blend of our finest Brazil nuts, macadamias, walnuts, cashews, almonds and hazelnuts.


Peak Chocolate Bars

Yes! Keto-friendly chocolate. What a dream, right? These are available in any of our tukr snack boxes

Contains 80% cocoa goodness, 5g of protein, 5g carbs (<2g of sugar) and 8g of healthy fats from the cacao.


peak keto friendly chocolate snack