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Supporting our International Student Community

May 07, 2020

Supporting our International Student Community

Meet Abishek from India. He’s 22 years old, studying away from home for the first time - the comfort of his family, friends and support networks literally a whole world away. 


Right now, he’s feeling completely alone and scared. His part-time job is gone; he’s facing empty shelves (and an equally empty bank account), no job prospects and a very bleak predicament. He feels overwhelmed, stressed and fearful for his future, both immediate and long-term.

This is an all too familiar experience for most of the 700,000 plus international students currently in Australia, all who came here seeking the same thing everyone wants - a better future.

So far, Australia has done a great job of “flattening the curve” but this has also come at the cost of further marginalising international students who have had no government safety net, and have no means of supporting themselves, no job prospects, and are often left wondering how they’re going to afford their next meal.

With all that's chaotic at the moment, we've been inspired to do a little more good in the world.

After a major university became a recent client of ours, we've had some very real conversations with them about how the nature of the current situation is impacting our international student community.

These students may very well also be our neighbours, friends and colleagues, and as we like to help those close to us, we would also like to extend a hand to this vulnerable community to simply show them that they aren't alone and that they matter, even when they're so far away from their loved ones.

With over 700,000 students currently facing uncertainty, we believe that if this little bit of support can help even one student through this crisis, the impacts of that support will benefit their lives enormously.


Our mission?

In partnership with Chief Confidence Hacker, Anita van Rooyen, we're on a mission to get our healthy mind & body snack packs into the hands of as many international students as possible.

You can help by donating to our cause via GoFundMe.

What your funds will do? We are providing a much needed beacon of hope for our international students, in the form of healthy mind & body snack packs – deliciously healthy and nutrient dense snacks plus full access to the Corona Mastery Course – the online mental wellbeing and resilience-building course.

Each pack we donate will contain five great snacks as well as a code giving the student who receives it free access to the course to help them manage their anxiety and mental wellbeing during this extremely challenging time.

We will be distributing the packs through CISA (the Council for International Students Australia), so if you are a student association member, or international student looking for support through this campaign, please contact CISA, or get in touch with tukr or Confidence Hackers directly.


Thanks for getting this far tukr tribe and we hope you'll help if you can!


The Corona Course by Confidence Hackers 
Confidence Hackers 
The Council of International Students Australia 
Tukr Snacks

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